• Revelations From the Flu

    So a couple of weeks ago, I caught the flu. If I told you that God spoke to me through it, would you believe it? Of course, you would. ;)

  • How to Handle Persecution

    As believers, we will face persecutions of all kind, but this is no surprise (2 Tim 3:12, Matt 10:20). When you decide to follow Jesus you'll face persecution from your family, friends, even "Christians." There is a price to pay when you come out from among them and don't conform to the patterns of this world. But, how do we handle this?
  • Worldly Discernment vs The Gift of Distinguishing Between Spirits

    Discernment is a buzz word I hear from time to time, and I usually hear it within the context of "my discernment is off." I think what's even more interesting is that this often comes from either unbelievers or babes in Christ. It got me thinking, do we genuinely understand this gift, or is it something that is being muddled with fleshly understanding?
  • Confidence vs False Humility

    Over the past year, I've been on a self-love journey with God and it has been eye-opening, to say the least. Recently, He began to speak to me about self-worth and false humility. We seem to confuse confidence with pride and lack of self-worth with "humility." We dim our light around others to not "offend" and lower ourselves and our standards because we don't think we're "good" enough.
  • The Spirit of Rejection | Where Does Your Identity Lie?

    Everyone holds their identity in something, whether consciously or unconsciously. Sometimes we find our identity in our friends, family, success, approval, trauma, money, or fame. The thing is when we don't find our identity in God, it leaves us open to the spirit of rejection